Reddit EU Community Tournament #29

Update! Tournament is now over. Unfortunately due to not showing up I had to disqualify Shibbxyz, who thus places second, giving away the 1st place to Moomin. Congratulations to our winner from the lower bracket, he’s had a tough and impressing journey to the finals. Special mentions to our 3rd place winner, NoSoup. Hope everyone had fun and see ya guys next time!

Date, time:
Sunday February 5th, 14:00 CET (check the countdown clock on the right)
Double elimination – click here for complete rules
EU server, all leagues allowed
Important! Players can veto 1 map from the pool, before the match.
Sign up:
Map pool (GSL):
  • GSL GSTL Xel’Naga Caverns by lolpatrol
  • GSL Antiga Shipyard by TeamClash
  • GSL Entombed Valley by TeamClash
  • ESL Metalopolis by ESL
  • ESL Shakuras Plateau by ESL
  • ESL The Shattered Temple by ESL
  • Tal’darim Altar LE by Blizzard

Please make sure to check that you’re playing the right map versions! The names of the map and the mapmaker should match exactly!

Kage (organizer) – IRC: kage, Bnet: kage.846

If you have any questions, please join us on IRC at #redditeu @ (webchat). Once there, you can type !help for a list of helpful commands.

Links: reddit post, event page, Hall of Fame