Reddit EU Community Tournaments are back!

The tournament is officially over, and with 65 participants + the entire tournament being streamed, we can safely deem it a success! Congratulations to iksf, Revolution and Sad for their first, second and third place, respectively! Thanks a lot to LBNT for streaming and casting most of the tournament, and TotalBiscuit for his kind offer to stream the finals and even offering £50 to the winner! Also thanks to everyone who participated and willem who sponsored Reddit Gold to the top3 finishers. We hope to see you again for our next tournament, which we will announce as soon as possible!

Date, time: Sunday, January 6th 2013, 14:00 CET (signups open 30 minutes earlier)
Check the countdown timer in the sidebar to the right!
Sign up: Click here to sign up!
Format: Single elimination – click here for complete rules
EU server, all leagues allowed
Map pool:
  • ESV Cloud Kingdom by ESVMaps
  • ESV Ohana LE by ESVMaps
  • GSL_Antiga Shipyard by TeamClash
  • GSL_Daybreak by TeamClash
  • GSL_Entombed Valley by TeamClash
  • GSL_Metropolis by TeamClash
  • GSL_Whirlwind by TeamClash

All maps are found in the Arcade part of!

Crew: Raziel (organizer) – IRC: Raziel, Bnet: Raziel.1730
Jay (streamer) – IRC: LBNTJay
Prizes: Medal next to your username on r/starcraft
Reddit gold to the top 3

That’s right, we’re bringing them back. If you haven’t heard of the SCRedditEU community tournaments before, they are simple tournaments with where having fun, fame and glory is more important than the prizes. Players of every league are encouraged to participate for fun and the love of the game! Be sure to check out our new tournament guide if you’re curious about how the tournament will work. These tournaments will probably happen every second week if there’s enough interest.

The tournament starts at 13:00 GMT/UTC, 14:00 CET 15:00 EET – check the countdown in the sidebar to the right if you’re unsure what this means for you. Signups open 30 minutes before the tournament starts, so you’ll need to check this website again at that time to sign up. We’ll be using Challonge to generate the brackets – you need an account here in order to participate.

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