SCreddit EU Community Tournament #32

Date, time: Sunday, January 27th 2013, 14:00 CET (check-in opens 30 minutes earlier)
Check the countdown timer in the sidebar to the right!
Sign up: Checkins are open! An account is required. If you didn’t sign up in time, join IRC and give Raziel your Excello username.
Format: Single elimination – click here for complete rules
EU server, all leagues allowed
Map pool:
  • ESV Cloud Kingdom by ESVMaps
  • ESV Ohana LE by ESVMaps
  • GSL_Antiga Shipyard by TeamClash
  • GSL_Daybreak by TeamClash
  • GSL_Entombed Valley by TeamClash
  • GSL_Metropolis by TeamClash
  • GSL_Whirlwind by TeamClash

All maps are found in the Arcade part of!

Prizes: 1st place: ZOWIE MiCO
More prizes may be announced later!
Crew: Raziel (organizer) – IRC: Raziel, Bnet: Raziel.1730
Stream(s): LBNT (main) –

Huge thanks already to LBNT for coming back from last time to stream this tournament as well, and ZOWIE for sponsoring a MiCO for the first place!

We’re trying out a new tournament system in Excello this time. This will allow people to sign up early and then check in 30 minutes before, a functionality a lot of people have been asking for. Hopefully things work out smooth, if not we’ll simply switch back to good old Challonge next time!

All you need to sign up and play is to register an account on the Excello website, and then add your SC2 in-game nick (including character code!) by clicking your name in the top right corner, add game account and select StarCraft 2.

If anyone’s confused by the Excello website, feel free to drop by our IRC channel and ask someone (preferably me, Raziel :D) for help.

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  1. Goracyi

    Is it “SCreddit EU Community Tournament #31” or the number is 32 because the image says #32 but the title #31. Just wanted to put that up.

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