Tournament #36!




Map pool: exactly the 1v1 ladder maps.

Round 1: Bel’shir Vistage

Round 2: Star Station

Quarter-finals: Neo Planet S

Semi-finals: Akilon Wastes

Finals: Whirlwind

Every round is a BO3. The signups close an hour from now at 13:00 CET when the bracket will be up and the first maps will be visible. Check back here or on IRC for more information, to get the stream link, etc.

In-came channel name: reu36

Any problems? Message Naypam.292 in-game and I’ll do my best to help.

Make sure to include your character code when signing up!

Reddit EU Tournament #36!

Hello fellow EU Redditors!

This coming Sunday (2nd of June) we’re going to be having the next Reddit EU tournament.

The start time will be 12:00 British time, 13:00 CET, 14:00 in Romania, etc!

The map pool is the Blizzard 1v1 map pool, It’s a single elimination tournament where every round will be a BO3 until the finals which will be a BO5.

So set your alarms for an hour before that time on Sunday if you wish to participate, the sign-up link will become available at that point. There may be a prize for 1st place (something like Reddit gold). I will likely be casting the event (that’s me – Naypam!) unless somebody else volunteers!

Any questions then ask either Naypam or Kage on Reddit, in one of the threads or via the #redditeu IRC channel on Quakenet.

Hope to see you on Sunday,

¡Con muchos besos!


About the tournament on May 12


Just a short notice to anyone who were signed up for the tournament today (May 12 2013) – there actually wasn’t a tournament today. I removed the countdown from the sidebar and didn’t post a news article, but forgot to remove the tournament from the tournament system. Sadly I have to say that there is no tournament today.

Really sorry to anyone who checked in – I’m amazed that 11 people found their way here without any advertisement whatsoever! Please check the website in the future to look for announcements of future tournaments, though I can’t say when the next one will be as I’ve gotten so much more busy the past few weeks.

– Raziel


SCReddit EU Community Tournament #35

Date, time: Sunday, April 28th 2013, 13:00 CEST/noon BST
Check the countdown timer in the sidebar to the right!
Sign up: Click here! Remember to check in 30 minutes before the tournament starts!
Format: Single elimination – click here for complete rules
EU server, Heart of the Swarm
Map pool:
  • Akilon Wastes
  • Bel’shir Vestige LE
  • Cloud Kingdom LE
  • Daybreak LE
  • Neo Planet S LE
  • Ohana LE
  • Whirlwind LE

All maps are found by searching in the “Custom Games” part of!

Prizes: 1st: €25 + reddit gold + gold medal next to your name on /r/starcraft
2nd: €15 + reddit gold + silver medal
3rd/4th: €5 + reddit gold
Prizes sponsored by /u/willem, feel free to let him know he is awesome!
Streams: SCVrush
Crew: Raziel (organiser)

For this tournament, we will be trying out our new tournament system! You can sign up right now if you want to using the signup link in the post above, and you just have to check in 30 minutes before the tournament starts. If there are any bugs with the system, please let me know in the comments or contact Raziel on!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message Raziel on reddit. If you need a more immediate response try contacting us on IRC or via the Reddit group.